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    GDYT-10/100 Digital Partial Discharge Test System 10kVA/100kV hits:

    Product Description

    It is mainly used for testing frequency voltage insulation level of various insulation materials, insulation structure and electrical products, also as partial discharge frequency testing power supply for testing object such as transformer, mutual inductor and lightning arresters. It widely used in electrical manufacturing, power operation departments, research institutes and universities.

    GDYT System 10kVA/100kV composition 

    Hipot Test Control Unit GDYD-10/100

    1 piece  

    PD-free Gas type transformer YDQW-10/100

    1 piece

    Coupling capacitor  TAWF-800pF/100kV

    1 piece

    Protective resistor GR100kV  

    1 piece

    Isolation filter LBQ-10kVA   

    1 piece

    Partial discharge detector 

    1 piece

    Other accessories



    Hipot control Unit (GDYD table) and PD-free testing transformer are controlling and voltage boosting for test object which boosted to the rated voltage.

    Partial discharge detector(GDJF-2008) is detecting and displaying partial discharge capacity.

    Isolation filter(LBQ-10kVA) is device of anti-interference caused by power supply.

    Coupling Capacitor is transmitting partial discharge signal to partial discharge detector. 



    Partial discharge detector



    YDQW Testing transformer(voltage booster)

    Protective resistor

    Coupling Capacitor




    GDYD Manual Hipot Test control table



    LBQ-15kVA  Isolation filter 



    Input unit and calibration pulse generator   


    Power supply

    220V±10%, 60HZ

    Rated Capacity


    Output Voltage

    100kV, current: 100mA 

    Input Voltage

    380V, current: 26.3A  

    Short-circuit impedance


    Operation time

    30mins@100% rated voltage and current. 

    Continuous working@ 2/3 rated voltage and current.

    Wave form distortion rate

    <3% when voltage regulator input voltage distortion rate <3%.

    PD value

    10pC @ 100% rated voltage

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