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    GDJS-A Insulation Gloves(Boots) Test Set hits:

    Product Description

    GDJS-A Automatic Insulated gloves(boots) Test set is used for batch test of insulated gloves(boots), which simplifies test procedure, improves test speed and reduces test strength. This guarantees operator\'s security and identifies parameters of leakage current, insulation aging and frequency voltage reliably. It can test 6pcs insulated gloves(boots) at the same time.

    The device integrates high voltage power with control system. It has following characteristics: easy wiring and easy operation, reliable and reasonable layout, convenient moving, flexible dismounting, which has made it an ideal product for updated generation.


    • 7-inch color LCD screen, with PLC automation control.
    • HV Voltage, HV Current (HV meter is external for monitoring), LV voltage, LV current measured at the same time, with high precision sensor and high performance collection chip.
    • Automatic mode and manual mode for option.
    • Display HV voltage, LV voltage, HV current(displayed by external HV meter), LV current, time and withstanding result.
    • Over-voltage and over-current protection. Output voltage, HV current upper limit, LV current upper limit and timing can be set.
    • Zero-starting function. Test can be proceed after the voltage is back to zero.
    • Store up to 8000pcs data in 3 months. It has USB port to upload data to USB disk.
    • When setting voltage is arrived, it will timing automatically. After timing, voltage will be back to zero.
    • When the LV current is over setting value or HV voltage is over setting value, the voltage will be cut off automatically and it will be back to zero.
    • With anti-interference ability, suitable for electromagnetic environment.
    • With wheels for HV unit and gloves(boots) platform, easy to move.


    • Rated capacity: 3kVA/5kVA/10kVA(customized)
    • Input voltage: AC220V±10% 50Hz±1
    • Output voltage: 0-30kV/50kV/100kV(customized)
    • Voltage accuracy: ≤2.0% (F.S)
    • Leakage current: 0-20.0mA
    • Leakage current resolution: 0.1mA
    • Current accuracy: ≤1.5% (F.S)
    • Timing range: 0-999s
    • Environment temperature: -20℃ to 50℃
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