GDSL-D Primary Current Injection Test Set-Primary current injection test 

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    GDSL-D Primary Current Injection Test Set hits:

    Product Description

    GDSL-D series primary current injection test set, is the ideal equipment for testing high-current device in the power and electric industry, used in power plants, distribution stations, electrical manufacturing and research institutes, with the features of small size, light weight, easy use and maintenance.


    • Manual control.
    • Equipment with wheels, easy to move.
    • Customized current output, current output is adjustable.
    • With timer to timing the action time of circuit breaker.(customized)
    • Suitable for all kinds of circuit breaks, current relays.


    • Output current: 0-15000A(customized).
    • Output Voltage: 6V(customized).
    • Input voltage: AC380V, Single phase, 50Hz.
    • Operating time: 1min ON, 5mins OFF(customized)
    • Timer range: 0.001-99999ms
    • Ambient temperature: -20 ℃ to 50 ℃.
    • Current accuracy: ≤ 1.0% (F.S)
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