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    GDSL-BX-200 Primary Current Injection Test Set hits:

    Product Description

    GDSL-BX-200 Primary Current Injection Test Set, is mainly used in calibration for current transformer, motor protector, air switch, switch cabinet, circuit breaker, protection screen and etc.  


    • Digital control, high anti reference ability.
    • Adapts auto transformer regulator which with low power consumption and large capacitance.
    • Converter has high permeability core .
    • Quick connects, lock design, have good current capability.
    • PVC panel.
    • Build-in quick plug with high safety.
    • Current range can be changed, easy to read.
    • Engineering plastics box, IP67 dust-proof and waterproof.
    • Portable design is suitable for on site testing.
    • Zero start function to prevent the test objects from damage caused by high current impulsing. The equipment only can be started at zero.
    • Impulse choose function: The current value can be output directly without zero protection function when the equipment is under the testing for circuit breaker.
    • 0-50A AC current can be output, suitable for over current quick break testing of secondary protection.  
    • Action time can be tested synchronously.
    • More calibrations can be series connected at same time to improve working efficiency .
    • To display the testing value of primary current, secondary current directly, convenient for CT/PT turn ratios calibration test. (Optional)


    • Output current: 0-1000A AC in parallel, 0-500A AC in series
    • Capacity: 3kVA.
    • Output voltage: 3V in parallel, 6V in series.
    • Input voltage: AC220V, Single phase, 50Hz.
    • Current can be adjusted smoothly and continuously, accuracy level 1.0
    • Output current is standard sine wave, wave distortion is less than 5%.
    • Secondary injection current: 50A
    • Output current: RMS continuous adjustable.
    • The action time of test object can be tested, the lock action time is also can be recorded at same time.
    • Test range: 0.001S~999.999S, resolution 1ms, error: 0.005%  range: ±2digs
    • Capacity is designed as 5 minus for short and discontinuous working.
    • Duty Cycle: 2.5mins ON, 10mins OFF if in batch test.
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