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    GDJF-2006 Digital Partial Discharge Detector hits:

    Product Description

    GDJF-2006 Digital Partial Discharge Detector is widely used for detecting partial discharge of high voltage equipment such as power transformers, instrument transformer, HV circuit breaker, Zinc oxide surge arrester, power cable. It also can make type tests and monitor insulation operation.



    • With high speed, big capacity data acquisition card. Continuously collect partial discharge data, good repeatability and high accuracy.
    • Functions of testing, analyzing(multi-parameter analysis, two-dimension atlas analysis, three-dimension atlas analysis), data storage, report and print. Display waveform(ellipse, sine wave, line), discharge value and test voltage.
    • Suitable for 50Hz, 150Hz frequency power supply, up to 400Hz. Automatic tracking external power supply frequency.
    • Big color LCD screen. Large memory, with USB port.
    • With anti-false operation function. Automatic adjusting gain during testing and rectifying.
    • Anti-interference design.


    • Capacitance range: 6pF-250μF
    • Sensitivity: <0.02pc (capacitance at 50pF)                  
    • Amplifier: 3db low frequency fl 10kHz, 20kHz, 30kHz, 50kHz, 80kHz.

                3db high frequency fh 100kHz, 200kHz, 300kHz, 400kHz, 500kHz.

    • Gain adjustment range>120db, gain difference 20±1db, asymmetry of positive/negative pulse response<1db
    • Time window: width 1°-360°, can be rotated at any time.
    • Test voltage: 0-200kV, error <3% F.S.
    • Acquisition channel: 4 or 6channels/card.
    • Input impedance: 1MΩ.
    • Max. Sampling rate: 20Mhz.
    • AD resolution: 12bit, DC accuracy 0.2%.
    • Sampling length of each channel: 8M.
    • Triggering mode: Manual, internal triggering, external triggering.
    • Bandwidth of acquisition card: 3Mhz(-3db).
    • Weight: about 15kg.

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