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Wind power, solar power, energy storage project in full swing

An on-the-spot meeting on the national wind&solar energy transmission and storage project was held on July 20 in Zhangbei county of Hebei province. The meeting aims to clarify and strengthen the responsibilities of participating companies to accelerate the project construction and ensure the grid integration and power generation by the end of 2011. SGCC Executive Vice President Shuai Junqing inspected the project and delivered a speech.

The national wind&solar energy storage and transmission project is a project in the center of public attention. It is also an international project representing China’s solution over global warming. The project is an effective practice to solve the technical challenges in the fast process of China’s new energy-supported power generation. It is innovative that the project deals with many key technologies in the field of new energy power generating. The project preserves wind and solar energy to balance out energy fluctuations, and transport new energies in massive quantity to relieve the pressure during grid integration. The power production chain supported by new energy is also of demonstrative value. The project is SGCC’s implementation on China’s new energy strategy and part of its “Golden sun demonstration project”. The project is expected to stand for China’s new energy development in the world’s new energy industry.

The construction of the project is in a crucial stage currently. The project biding is closing, and the equipments have arrived successively. Installments are underway in the substation and power fans are loaded and the infrastructures of the photovoltaic power plant are in stable progress. The large chemical storage powerhouse will be completed in mid August.

SGCC Executive Vice President Shuai Junqing paid a visit to the construction site on the morning of July 20 and inspected the construction process. He was informed that the construction team has surmounted complicated geographic conditions with innovative technologies to accelerate the working pace. At the construction site of intelligent substation and chemical energy storage station, Shuai studied the construction blueprint, technology framework and construction progress. He asked participating parties to actively join in the construction, and make sure the project finish on time. He mentioned that SGCC headquarters should gave according guidance and support in the international bidding, innovation and technology research of the project. North China Power Grid Company, who undertook the project, was demanded to enhance scientific management and technology institutions was urged to pick up speed in technology research. All related parties, said Shuai, should maintain confident and work together efficiently for a safe, high quality project.

After the inspection, the delegation led by Shuai inspected the national wind power research and test center. During the inspection, they examined equipments such as the battery energy storage system and the power fan network integration testing device. They also listened to a report by China electric power research institute on the operation of the research center. Shuai urged that the institute abide by the principles stated at the SGCC mid-year working conference, give full play to its scientific role, and regulate the requirements on grid integration. He also emphasized the center should perfect its functions, intensify the technology research on wind power grid integration and distribution, nurture more elite engineers and working teams at the same time, promote its research results and create a favorable social environment for SGCC’s wind power grid integration management.

Other members of the delegation said the inspection is inspiring and they were motivated by the fast progress of the project.

Source: State Grid News




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