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SGCC hosted a coordination meeting for IEC MSB’s massive

SGCC hosted a coordination meeting for IEC MSB’s massive new energy access and energy conservation project in Beijing on July 19. SGCC Executive Vice President Shu Yinbiao,deputy chairman of IEC Enno Liess and IEC market strategy secretary Gabriel Barta attended the meeting. Also present at the meeting were a group of experts and engineers from SGCC’s department of international cooperation and China Electric Power Research Institute.

Following a speech welcoming IEC officials and other delegates to the meeting, Shu Yinbiao introduced SGCC’s recent research progress on renewable energy and energy conservation, expressed the corporation’s resolution in fulfilling the objectives in the project and its aspiration to promote the technology development in the field. He then engaged himself in a series of in-depth discussions with the expert panel on the project’s technical support, work plan, report draft and nailed downthe project’s timeline, result format and progress schedule.

IEC MSB was founded in November, 2008 and consisted of IEC officials and high-rank members from the international electrical industry. Its objectives were to improve IEC’s response to the large demand for new technology and fast growing market in the international electrical field and distinguish IEC’s mainstream technology and market demand as well as ensure the priority of standards formation and quality-based evaluation. MSB appointed its future-technology team or special team NO.4 to undertake the massive new energy access and conservation project in July 2010 and named Shu Yinbiao as the project leader. Presently, SGCC’s domestic technology team has finished the English project report outline.

As the main approach to develop and upgrade future smart grid, massive new energy access and conservation technology has draw great attention around the world. The fact that SGCC’s experts participated in the IEC MSB project as chief leader showed the corporation’s status in international electrical field was effectively promoted. To join in IEC’s standardization strategic planning will further raise China’s participating level in the organization’s decision making.

Source: Department of International Cooperation




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