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GD-MIOT Heat-engine Plant IOT System

General Information

Materials management plays an important role in the generating enterprise production, and the cost of raw material accounts for 70% of generating cost, so controlling material cost is the key of cost reduction. Currently, material management depends on manual, which adds the huge extra cost and limits the long-term development of enterprise, as the reasons of measuring inefficiency and lots of manual errors.

Internet of things (IOT) is a logical successor of the rapid development of information age, which integrates the real-time data from various facilities to an intelligence terminal, improving management efficiency and eliminating artificial intervention. So we come up with GD-MIOT system based on IOT for materials management of generating enterprise.


Functions and Benefits of GD-MIOT System

GD-MIOT system has three basic functions:

  • Machine instead of manual, artificial intervention can be eliminated as far as possible.

  • All of the separate terminals are interconnected.

  • All the services are intellectualization and automation.

GD-MIOT system uses advanced technologies of RFID, video monitoring, infrared induction, vehicle tracing and automatic measuring system, tightly coupling with ERP system, to monitor the materials purchasing plan, measurement, storage and settle accounts comprehensively. GD-MIOT system uses the IOT method to control materials intelligently to achieve information integrated management of materials, contracts and measurement, etc.


Economic Profits Analysis

  • Without using GD-MIOT system, the weighing cheating cannot be avoided. It presumes that the total amount of enterprise’s goods exiting and entering per year is 2 million tons, and the price of average unit is $200 per ton, the vehicles are 50,000. There are only 1% vehicles cheating, and 3tons weight is cheated of each vehicle (other cheating are not included). The loss of the enterprise is: 50,000×1%×3×200=$300,000 per year. With measuring weighing management system, the bugs of management are completely eradicated and the goods losing will be never happened.
  • Quality inspecting management system is of high secrecy and unbreakable for material information with its absolute advantages. It automatically collects and calculates all the testing data and reports, resolutely precluding the manual factors in inspecting process.
  • Scientific and reasonable system highly improves the enterprise’s production efficiency and reduces the operation cost. The advanced system provides information and data to decision makers accurately and timely, and it will improve management and promote construction planning and long-term development of the enterprise.









Other Information of the GD-MIOT Heat-engine Plant IOT System

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