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AC Hipot Test Set

AC Hipot Test Set, we also called AC withstand votlage test set, Power frequency withstand voltage test set. It output high voltage to test object, to show insulation withstand voltage ability of test object. It is the necessary test subject in overhaul working of electric equipment.
AC Hipot Test Set includes control unit and HV unit. According to different voltage level of test object, we can make it  to one unit, separate unit. Control unit can be made as box-type, table-type. Even AC Resonant Test System can be sorted as AC withstand voltage test set.
Now we have automatic and manual model.GDYD-A is automatic type model while GDYD-D is digital and manual model.
If you have any special requirement of AC Hipot Test Set,we can customize for you. Contact us for more information.




Other Information of the AC Hipot Test Set

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