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Q & A of DC hipot test set

Question 1: 

During the operation process of DC hipot test set, red light is off, green light is on, and DC high voltage decreases, why?


The above stated situations occured during the operation process of DC hipot test set is related to protections, at the moment, the following operations should be conducted:

  • 1. Reset regulating potentiometer to zero
  • 2. Turn off power switch,and all indicator lamps on panel are off.
  • 3. A minute later, after bulit-in low voltage capacitor is discharged fully, then  turn on power switch to conduct no-load testing again, when situation is found out, boosting testing can be done.

Question 2:

Green indicator lamp is off after the power supply of DC hipot test set is connected, why?


1. Power line is short; 2.power fuse is fused


replace power line or fuse.


Question 3:

DC hipot test set is burnout when it is used for cable withstand voltage testing, why?


reasons can be analyzed in two aspects. On the one hand, it may results from non-standard operation——the instrument is turned off before voltage is decreased to a lower level, as a result, DC hipot test set is burnout due to current backwashed; on the other hand, it may result from smaller current, and too fast boosting leads to the burnout of instrument.


Question 4:

Is DC hipot test set with automatic protection function? How to deal with if instrument cant operate normally?


Since there exists a centain danger in conducting DC hipot test set, Anjie Electric Company perfects its automatic protection function in D & R. Now it has the functions of over-voltage, over-current, back to zero, earth protection, special disconnection protection and so on. When abnormal operation condition is occured, automatic protection device will be started up till the boosting of DC hipot test set is stopped and voltage is decreased to zero.


Queation 5:

Can DC hipot test set be used for underground operation?


The instrument can be used only if the following work environments can be met.

Working temperature: -10~40 °C;

Relative humidity: when ambient temperature is 25 °C, relative humidity is no more than 85% (without condensation)

Altitude: 1500m



Whether the dimension of DC hipot test set has effects on its safety performance or not? The bigger the dimension is, the beter it is, right?


Dimension isnt a standard to measure the quality of product. Based on product quality assurance, HV HIPOT ELECTRIC CO., Ltd has produced the small and portable instrument by adopting the newest scientific achievements, which guarantees product safety and is convinient for client to use.




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