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1. General Testing Items of Electrical Equipment




General Testing Items of Electrical Equipment

Testing item

Instruments needed

Voltage measurement

Tiny voltage (mV level)

Millivoltmeter, oscilloscope

Common voltage

Multimeter, oscilloscope

High voltage (KV levle)


Current measurement

Tiny current (mA level)

Microammeter, multimeter

Common current

Clamp on amperemeter

Large current above 30A

Clamp on amperemeter, CT

DC resistance

Winding resistance tester

Insulation resistance

Insulation resistance tester

Dielectric loss angle tangent value

Capacitance and Disspation Fator tester

DC hipot test

DC hipot test set

DC leakage current measurement

Metal Oxide Arrester Tester

AC power frequency hipot test

Hipot test set(GDYD),

AC resonant test system

Partial discharge measurement

Partial discharge detection system

Measurement of voltage ratio, polarity and group

Automatic transformer turns ration tester

Capacitance measurement

Capacitance and inductance Tester





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