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3. Common testing equipment for prevention testing of 10kv distribution system, and check & acceptance of distribution construction projects


Test object

Test project

Equipment recommended

Insulation safety tool, transformer, circuit breaker, insulator etc.

Insulation resistance, turns ratio and polarity index testing of transformer

GD3125 Insulation resistance tester

Transformer DC leakage test

GDZG-500 series

DC hipot test set

Withstand voltage of circuit breaker fracture, to earth after switch-on, transformer, insulation safety tool, insulator etc, and hipot test of other projects.

YD series Oil immersed transformer

GDYD-A Automatic AC/DC hipot test set

GDFQ series remote discharge ball gap

Transformer, PT, CT, arc suppression coil, reactor

Measure whether there exists bad welding in the coils of transformer,PT,CT,reactor etc, as well as short circuit between turn-to-turn; measure transformer tapping position

GDZRC-100A Winding resistance tester

Test transformer turns ratio, PT, turns ratio polarity of single-phase transformer etc., to know about whether TTR, group and polarity can meet operation requirements in parallel(serial).

GDB-Ⅲ Transformer turns ratio tester

Transformer no-load test, to check transformer no-load and load loss, and whether transformer can meet energy-saving standard or not


Transformer power


Transformer capacity test, to check whether it can meet design requirements or not.

Circuit breaker, load switch etc.

Measure contact resistance of circuit breaker and load switch on-position, to check whether it can meet operation condition or not.

GDHL-200A Contact resistance tester

Test time response, mechanical property(dynamic performance) of HV circuit breaker, to know about whether it can meet system operation requirements.

GDKC-6A Circuit breaker tester

Test vacuum of vacuum circuit breaker, to check whether it can meet arc suppressing condition or not.

GDZK-IV Vacuum circuit breaker tester

Metal Oxide Arrester

Measure U 1mA ,0.75 1mA of metal oxide arrester, to check the residual voltage of lightning arrester

GDYZ-302 Metal oxide arrester tester


Measure 5% or 10% error curve, turns ratio and polarity of CT, to check whether it can meet the requirements of protection device.

GDFA-808 CT volt-ampere characteristics tester

Relay protection device

Test definite value of relay protection device, the whole projects and related projects

GDJB-1200 Relay protection tester

HV cable

Cable fault locator, to handle fault point of faulted cable.

GD-2137 Cable fault locating system

AC hipot test of 6kv-220kv HV crosslinked cable, of other electric HV equipment such as bus bar, bushing, CT/PT etc.

GDTF series Variable frequency AC resonant test set (for cable)


Check phase position of line

GDHX-8000 Phase detector

Insulation oil

Test dielectric strength of insulation oil in transformer, oil CT/PT equipment, to check whether it can meet insulation requirements.

GD6000A Capacitance and dissipation factor





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