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    GDHG-106B CT/PT Analyzer for Lab and on-site Test hits:

    Product Description

    Suitable For All Types Of CT And PT.

    For Laboratory And On-Site Test.


    • Finish all testing subject by itself, no need to connect auxiliary equipment.
    • Built-in printer, to print results easily.
    • Large screen LCD, graphically display.
    • Auto display excitation knee point value, 5% and 10% error curve.
    • Save 3000 groups data.
    • With USB port. The data can be saved in USB disk and read by PC(WORD format file).
    • Portable design about 35kg, suitable for on-site test.
    • Engineering plastic box with damping, strong and reliable.


    CT ( protection type, measurement type) PT
    Voltage current characteristic curve (excitation characteristic) Voltage current characteristic curve (excitation characteristic)
    Auto calculate knee point value Auto calculate knee point value
    Auto display 5% and 10% error curve Turns ratio measurement
    Turns ratio measurement Polarity determination
    Ratio e rror measurement Ratio e rror measurement
    Phase measurement ( angular difference ) Phase measurement (angular difference)
    Polarity determination AC withstand test
    Primary current injection test Secondary winding resistance measurement
    AC withstand test Secondary burden measurement
    Secondary winding resistance measurement D emagnetizatio n of iron core
    Secondary burden measurement  
    D emagnetizatio n of iron core  

    Main Parameters

    Item Parameter
    Power supply AC220V±10%, 50Hz
    Output 0 - 2500 Vrms, 5Arms ( 20 A peak )
    Output current 0-1000A
    Accuracy of excitation ≤0.5% (0.2%*the reading+0.3%*range)
    Secondary winding resistance measurement Range 0 ~ 30 0Ω
    Accuracy ≤0.5% (0.2%*the reading+0.3%*range)
    Secondary actual burden measurement Range 0-10 00VA
    Accuracy ≤0.5% (0.2%*the reading+0.3%*range) ± 0.1VA
    Accuracy of angular error 4 min
    Accuracy of ratio error 0.05%
    CT ratio measurement Range 25000A/5A ( 5000A/1A ) ≥ 5A/5A
    Accuracy ≤0.5%
    PT ratio measurement Range ≤ 500KV
    Accuracy ≤0.5%
    Operation environment Temperature: - 10℃ - 40℃, Humidity: ≤90%, Altitude: ≤1000m
    Dimension&Weight Dimension: 4 4 0mm × 34 0mm × 3 8 0mm Weight: ≤ 35 Kg
    Address: F/10, Block B7, JinYinTan Modern Enterprise City, Dongxihu District, Wuhan, China
    Email: info@hvhipot.com
    Skype: hvhipot@hotmail.com
    Tel: +86-27-85568138
    Fax: +86-27-65606183
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