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    GDTF(L)-225/25 PD-free AC Series Resonant Test System hits:

    Product Description

    The system is specially designed for PD-free AC withstand voltage test for electric generator, capacitance of single phase to ground is 0.4-1.2uF, test voltage is no more than 24kV.

    Working Environment

    • Environmental temperature: -10℃ to 50℃
    • Related humidity: ≤ 90% RH
    • Altitude: ≤ 1km

    Technical Data & Functions

    1. Rated capacity: 225kVA
    2. Input power supply: Single phase 380V; 50Hz
    3. Rated voltage: 25kV
    4. Rated current: 9A
    5. Working Frequency: Power frequency 50Hz
    6. Output voltage Waveform distortion rate: ≤0.5%
    7. Working time: continuous working of 15min under rated load.
    8. Temperature rise: ≤65K after continuous working of 15min under rated load
    9. Quality factor: Q ≥10 
    10. Accuracy: 1.5% (RMS)
    11. Protective function: over-current, over-voltage and flashover protections for test object.
    12. Partial discharge amount: ≤5PC

    Test Power Supply, L and Cx Relationship Table

    Capacitance range of test object (Cx)

    Adjustable range of reactor 




    Note: Cx is capacitance of test object.


    PD-free AC power frequency withstand voltage test: adopts series resonant test device to make AC withstand voltage test and dielectric loss test for generator.

    Reactor selection


    Rated capacitance (kVA)


    Rated VoltagekV

    Rated Current


    Capacitance range uF

    Inductance range(H)

    Adjustable reactor 1 set







    System Configuration

    1. PD-free Excitation Transformer  GDJL-27kVA/3kV/0.4kV (1 set)

    2. PD-free Isolation Transformer GDGL-27kVA/380V/380kV  (1 set)

    3. PD-free Resonance Control Unit  GDTF-27kVA/380V (Including voltage regulator) (1 set)

    4. PD-free Adjustable Reactor GDDK-225kVA/25kV    (1 set)

    5. PD-free Capacitive Voltage Divider   GDFR-30kV    (1 set)

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