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    GDSL-A Primary Current Injection Test Set with temperature rising function hits:

    Product Description

    GDSL-A Series Automatic Primary Current Injection Test Set is the ideal equipment for testing high-current device in the power and electric industry, used in power plants, power distribution stations, electrical manufacturing and research institutes, with the features of small size, light weight, easy use and maintenance.


    • Built-in high configuration industrial control computer, the programmable logic controller (PLC) as the central processor, real-time scan of AC signal, to achieve comprehensive monitoring and closed-loop control, and design password settings management, only the personnel who gets corresponding operation authority, can carry out operation of certain functions.
    • Color LCD touch screen. Using intelligent sensor based on field bus technology and realize the full digital data transmission, display operation unit is touch type color LCD screen, full English menu, the interface is clear and intuitive, the operation is simple and convenient. Test without any auxiliary equipment, automatic control, fast, simple and convenient.
    • Automatic and manual test mode, with automatic constant-current system.
    • No need manual monitoring, only need to set test, current and step length, save tedious labor such as manual voltage regulator, artificial records and curve sketching, etc.. to reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, read data to a computer for checking after work.
    • Automatic alarm function when exceeding the limit value, self protection function of over heating, over current, over voltage and short circuit. The protection of AC voltage regulator uses the dual protection of microcomputer automatic protection control and mechanical micro motion limit switch, to ensure the normal operation of the constant current power supply, and improve the safety and reliability of the products.
    • Humanized interface, friendly interface, full English operation interface, control software have a variety of practical functions, such as data record, current & temperature waveform storage, data management, reports, printing and so on; parameter setting is completed in the software. A more intuitive analysis of the relationship between current and temperature. During the test, automatic tracking of the target current, automatic stable output current, automatic adjusting of the three-phase current; after the test is completed, it will return to zero position automatically.
    • Automatically adjust the AC constant current source to meet the temperature rise test of LV and medium switchgear (Control cabinet with multiple outputs, such as GCK, MNS, etc.)
    • With a three-phase automatic balance system to ensure that the three-phase balanced output, the output current sampling using 0.2% level high precision current transformer.
    •  With precision adjustment menu, the user can adjust the error value by self. Programmable AC constant current power supply can realize intelligent calibration, automatic generation of multi segment calibration coefficients in the adjustable range of equipment, to ensure the stabilized current accuracy of constant current power supply.
    • Three phase full current curve and 16 path temperature curve can be displayed.
    • Test module can be customized according to the user requirements, software lifetime free upgrades.


    • Input voltage: AC220V/380V ± 10% 50Hz ± 1.
    • Output current:: 0-15000A (according to customer demand).
    • Output voltage: 6V-24V(according to customer demand).
    • Duty cycle: 8hours(according to customer demand)
    • Ambient temperature: -10 ℃ to 50 ℃.
    • Current accuracy: ≤ 1.0% (F.S).
    • 16-way temperature detection.(according to customer demand)
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