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    GDLP Transmission Line Test System hits:

    Product Description

    GDLP series Transmission Line Test System is a new generation power transmission line frequency parameter testing system.It integrated with frequency conversion testing power,precise measuring module and DSP high speed digital processing chip,which eliminate strong interference and ensure the safety of equipment, with convenient, fast and accurate measure .


    1. Quickly and accurately test the positive sequence capacitance, the positive sequence impedance, zero sequence capacitance, zero sequence impedance,also can measure the mutual inductance and coupling capacitance between lines ;
    2. High Anti-interference ability,ensure high-precision, accurate and reliable measurement;
    3. Easy operation, equipped with full large LCD touch screen, shows every operation steps;
    4. Simple wiring,only connecting with tested down leads to finish all line parameters measurement;
    5. New generation ARM embedded system as inner core,solving the problem of system halted;
    6. High integration with testing power supply,instrument,computational model;
    7. DSP high speed digital signal processor as processing core, fast and Accurate testing process;
    8. Can save 100 groups testing data,data management and report generation through USB interface to PC;
    9. Light weight, 30kg lighter than similar product, no need to split;
    10. Suitable for occasions of power supplied by generator when the power is off;
    11. Two phase line measurement (including DC transmission lines and electrified railway traction lines).


    • power supply: Single phase, ~ 220V ± 10%;
    • Inner pilot frequency power supply
      Max. output voltage: three phase, 200V (rms, <± 1%)
      Max. output current: 8A
      Output frequency: 45Hz, 55Hz;
    • Measuring range:
      capacitance: 0.1 ~ 50μF;
      Impedance: 0.1 ~ 400Ω;
    Impedance Angle: -90 ° ~ +90 °;
    • Measurement Resolution: Capacitance: 0.0001μF;
    Impedance: 0.0001Ω;
    Impedance angle: 0.0001 °;
    • Accuracy:

    Measuring voltage: ± 0.5%*reading ± 0.01V;

    Measuring current: ± 0.5%*reading ± 0.01A;
    Capacitance: ≥ 1μF time, ± 1% reading ± 0.01μF;
    < 1μF time, ± 2% of reading ± 0.01μF;
    Impedance: ≥ 1Ω time, ± 1% reading ± 0.01Ω;
    < 1Ω time, ± 2% of reading ± 0.01Ω;
    Impedance Angle: ± 0.2 ° (voltage> 1.0V);
    ± 0.3 ° (voltage: 0.2V ~ 1.0V);
    • Protection function


    Power output over-current protection (greater than 150% of rated output)

    Interference currents greater than 40A, the instrument protection;

    Overvoltage Protection:

    Power output overvoltage protection (greater than 150% of rated output)
    Voltage rise on time (rise slope greater than 15V/ms) protection
    Induced interference voltage is greater than 350V,protection.
    • Grouding protection.Before testing and after testing,all test terminals connect with ground automatically which ensure instrument and operation person’s safety.;
    • Waveform aberration rate:sine wave, aberration rate<2%;
    • Insulation performance,anti-shock performance;
    • Insulated resistance(MΩ)
      Power input terminal >10 MΩ
      Current input terminal >10 MΩ
      Voltage input terminal >10 MΩ
      Withstand voltage strength:1.5kV,1min,no breakdown arcing;
      After doing 0.5m falling test,can still rest stably and reliably.
    • Anti-interference parameter
      Interference voltage: anti-interference voltage up to 20KV;
      Interference current: when short circuit grounding,<40A;
      Test stably and accurately in the condition of output signal and interference signal ratio with 1:10
    • Dimension: 500mm(L)*400(W)*450mm(H);
    • Weight:45kg;
    • Ambient temperature:-20℃-+50℃;
    • Reletive humidity:<90%.
    Address: F/10, Block B7, JinYinTan Modern Enterprise City, Dongxihu District, Wuhan, China
    Tel: +86-27-85568138
    Fax: +86-27-65606183
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