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    GDWG-III SF6 Gas Quantitative Leakage Detector hits:
    General introduction

    GDWG-III SF6 gas leakage detector, with non-dispersed infrared (NDIR) technology, is mainly used to pinpoint and measure SF6 leakage on GIS and refilling equipment within power industry.

    The annual leakage rate of SF6 gas electrical equipment is measured with bandaging method. At the same time, the equipment is widely used in power supply bureau, substations, high voltage switch company, laboratory hood and scientific test. 


    • High voltage switch-gear
    • Helicopter rotor blades
    • Gas transmission system
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Ventilation rate study
    • Hazardous material
    • Tank


    • No radioactive risk.
    • No need to replace high purity argon gas regularly.
    • No need to replace sensor regularly, cost-effective.
    • No need to make linear calibration every year, no wearing parts.
    • Not effected by humidity, environment pollution or data drift.  
    • When there is severe leakage or SF6 gas concentration is up to 100%, it will not be polluted or damaged.

    • To measure SF6 gas leakage qualitatively and quantitatively.
    • To locate SF6 gas leakage point.

    • Parameters like SF6 gas concentration, temperature, humidity, power indicator, date and diaphragm pump status are displayed.

    • User-friendly interface.

    • Use NDIR technology and advanced sensor from Germany.

    • Fast test speed and good repeatability, data is stabilized within 10s.

    • With temperature and pressure compensation.

    • No false alarm, no gas except SF6 responses.

    • Non-contact gas measurement ensures that sensor won’t be poisoned at any concentration rate.

    • Thermostatic chamber ensures no temperature drift at ambient temperature for sensor.

    • 3.5inch OLED display, legible in the strong sunlight.

    • Built-in lithium battery, standby time is long.

    • Pipelines is customized as per request.

    • Pump suction sampling ensure good sealing of gas path under test.

    • More than 100 groups of test data are stored based on gas concentration and test time, easy to query.

    • The outer casing is high strength, fully shielded, ultra-lightweight ABS material structure.



    Measuring principle

    Non-dispersive infrared sensor (NDIR)

    Measuring range

    0-1500ppm SF6




    ±2%FS (0-1000ppm)

    Repeat-ability error




    Response time


    Recovery time



    ≤±20ppm, more than 1000 hours

    Sampling mode

    Pump suction type, flow up to 1L/min.

    Zero drift


    Linear error


    Peak current


    Average power


    Operation air pressure


    Environment humidity


    Storage temperature

    -20 ~ +60℃

    Operation temperature

    -20 ~ +50℃

    Operation humidity


    Working voltage

    220VAC±10%,50Hz Or Built-in Li-battery, continuous working 6 hours after full charge.




    About 2kg


    Main unit

    1 set


    1 piece

    Hand-held probe

    1 piece

    Anti-slip belt

    1 piece

    Hose 600 mm

    1 piece

    User’s guide

    1 copy

    Warranty card

    1 copy

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