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    GD-2134E Cable Identifier hits:

    Product Description

    GD-2134E is a high-performance underground metal pipeline detection system composed of signal transmitters and receivers. It can be used for path detection, pipeline survey and depth measurement of metal pipelines and underground cables. It can carry out uniqueness identification with a variety of selected accessories, as well as pipe insulation damage and the search for some types of cable faults.


    • Compass display: intuitively displays the pipeline location and left & right directions.
    • Tracking true and false prompts: current direction measurement, tracking correct error prompts, eliminating line interference (some frequencies).
    • Depth and current measurements, can display the signal strength historical curve.
    • Fully digital high-precision sampling processing: stable and reliable, ultra-high sensitivity, narrow receiving passband, strong anti-interference ability, can fully suppress the power frequency and harmonic interference of adjacent running cables and pipelines.
    • Running cable detection: high-performance transmission clamps, maximum coupling output signal to the running cable.
    • Cable/pipeline identification: Flexible clamps (optional) are easy to use and clearly give identification results; stethoscopes (optional) can be used when it is not convenient to use clamps.
    • Ground fault finding: HV booster (optional) boosts the maximum output voltage to 1000V, uses the A frame (optional) to locate the ground insulation breakage points of the pipeline, no need to adjust zero. The arrow indicates the direction of the fault point.
    • Multiple detection frequencies: active detection and passive detection.
    • A variety of signal output of the transmitter: direct connection output, clamp coupling output, radiation induction.
    • High power output of transmitter, multiple output adjustable, automatic impedance matching and protection.
    • Built-in large capacity lithium ion battery group, it will automatic shutdown undervoltage or long time no operation,
    • Rugged case, light and portable.



    Output modes

    Direct connection output, radiation induction, clamp coupling output(optional), fault locating HV booster(optional).

    Output frequency

    640Hz (compound frequency), 1280Hz (compound frequency), 10kHz, 33kHz, 82kHz, 197kHz.

    Output power

    Max.10W, 10 gears adjustable, automatic impedance matching.

    Direct connection output voltage

    Maximum 150Vpp.


    Overload and short circuit protection.

    Man-machine interface

    320 x240 dot matrix LCD display.

    Built-in battery

    4 section 18650 lithium ion battery, nominal 7.4V, 6.8Ah.



    Input mode

    Built-in receiving coil, flexible clamp-on CTs(optional), Stethoscope(optional), A type fault detection device(optional).

    Receiving frequency

    Active detection frequency for Pipes

    640Hz, 1280Hz, 10kHz, 33kHz, 82kHz, 197kHz.


    Power frequency passive detection frequency


    50Hz/60Hz and 250Hz/300Hz (user configurable).

    RF passive detection frequency


    The center frequency is 10kHz, 33kHz, 82kHz respectively.

    Pipe detection mode

    Wide peak method, narrow peak method, sound Valley method.

    Cable identification mode

    Flexible clamp-on CTs(optional) automatic identification and current measurement, stethoscope(optional) identification.



    320*240 LCD display, shows signal amplitude, left/right direction, correct/false indication, history curve of signal strength, depth, current and result.


    Built-in battery, 2 section 18650 lithium ion battery, rated 7.4V, 3.4Ah.



    Transmitter 280*220*90mm. Receiver 680*277*120mm.·


    Transmitter 2.3kg. Receiver 2.0kg.


    AC100-240V input, 50/60Hz, output DC 8.4V,2A/3A.

    Working condition

    Temperature -10-40, humidity 5-90%RH, altitude<4500m

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