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    GDXG Overhead Transmission Line Fault Locator hits:

    Product Description 

    The transmission line fault distance tester is used to measure the distance from the fault point to the measuring point (transformer) when the overhead transmission line is permanently grounded (short circuited) or open circuited (open circuit). The transmission line fault distance tester is used for overhead transmission lines of 10kV and above. When a fault occurs, as long as the faulty line is tested in the substation, the fault distance can be accurately measured, and the faulty tower can be determined, which is convenient for repair personnel. Quickly find faults and shorten repair time. This instrument must be used on the basis of a line outage. It has a small size, easy to carry, comes with a lithium battery, AC and DC, easy to operate.


    The instrument can test short circuit, grounding fault of various types of power cables (voltage level 1kV ~ 35kV) , local telephone cables, FM communication cables, coaxial cables and metal overhead lines, ,It aslo can test cable breakage, poor contact, etc.; The length of the cable and the propagation speed of the electric wave on the cable can be tested


    1. Multi- Functional. The test is safe, rapid and accurate; the instrument uses a low-voltage pulse method to test various faults of the cable and accurately determine the distance from the fault point to the test point;
    2. High test accuracy. The instrument adopts high-speed data sampling technology, the A/D sampling speed is 100MHz, the instrument reading resolution is 1m, and the detection blind zone is 1m;
    3. High degree of intelligenceThe test results are automatically displayed on the large LCD screen with waveforms and data to judge the faults intuitively.
    4. The use of non-volatile devices, waveforms and data is not easy to lose after shutdown, with waveform and parameter storage, recall function;
    5. With double trace display function, the position of the double cursor can be arbitrarily changed, and the direct distance or relative distance between the fault point and the test point is directly displayed;
    6. The test waveform of the faulty cable can be compared with the normal waveform, which is helpful for further judgment of the fault;
    7. With a waveform expansion ratio function, change the waveform ratio, expand the waveform for accurate testing;
    8. it has the function of modifying the propagation speed at any time according to different tested cables;
    9. Small size portable shape, built-in rechargeable lithium battery power supply, easy to carry and use.
    10. With a USB interface, through the host computer program can communicate with the computer.


    The Fastest test distance

    200 km

    Detection blind zone


    Reading resolution


    Power consumption


    Use conditions

    Ambient temperature 0 ℃ ~ +40 ℃

    (Limited temperature -10 ℃ ~ +50 ℃)

    Relative humidity 40 ° C (20 ~ 90)% RH

    Atmospheric pressure (86 ~ 106) Kpa


    275mm * 220mm * 160mm


    4 kg

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