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    GDPT-2000D PT Secondary Voltage Drop & Load Tester hits:

    General Information

    GDPT-2000D adopts advanced technology and large scale electronic circuit design in accordance with national standards. It solves the problems of large secondary voltage drop and secondary load working intensity and cumbersome operation, and the product has reliable performance and powerful functions.


    • It can be used both in secondary voltage drop test and secondary load test for PT, convenient for metering device on-site measurement.
    • High-power lithium battery is used to power the instrument. Measurement data is more stable and accurate with the pure power source.
    • User-friendly interface design, 640*480 color LCD display, touch screen is available.
    • Precise software algorithm is used to improve data accuracy.
    • Automatic judgment of external wiring condition and faults of turns ratio and polarity.
    • Automatic data trim function to judge whether error is out of tolerance or not.
    • Conclusion is drawn directly after calibration, to check whether it is qualified or not.
    • Up to 300 groups of data can be saved with mass memory.
    • Engineering plastic case is used in case of any vibration or pressure, ensure the safety of operator and the equipment.











    Main unit


    Class 2





    Basic error

    ΔX= K*(X*2%+Y*2%DX)

    ΔY= K*(X*2%+Y*2%DY)


    ΔX: in-phase component basic error allowable value;

    ΔY: orthogonal component basic error allowable value;

    K: instrument constant, K=1; 

    X:  in-phase measurement of the absolute value of the dial; 

    Y: orthogonal measurement of the absolute value of the dial; 

    DX, DY: minimum dividing or quantifying value of measuring dial 


    Class 1.5 (for work voltage, work current and dial indicators)

    Work voltage


    ΔV  range

    0.01V~200V (voltage drop)  

    0.1mV~200V (PT or impedance)

    Clamp current range

    10 mA~6A

    Frequency range

    40 Hz~60 Hz, resolution 0.1 Hz

    Secondary voltage drop test

    Measurement range

    F: 0.000%~200.0%

    Δ: 0.00′~999.9′

    Work voltage



    Secondary load test

    Impedance range


    0.00VA~1000VA (5A)

    Admittance range


    0.00VA~1000VA (100V)

    Work voltage


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