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    GDCY-20B Impulse Voltage Generator hits:

    General Information

    GDCY-20B Programmable Automatic Impulse Voltage Tester is mainly based on TB/T 2653, GB/T 17627, GB/T 16927, GB14048, GB7251, GB/T 16935, IEC 61730, GB4706, GB3048, JB/T 7083 and other standard requirements. It is mainly used for safety performance (dielectric performance) detection of low-voltage electrical appliances, high and low voltage switches, solar energy, electricity meters, relays, leakage protectors, etc. The impulse output can be controlled by computer, and the test report can be printed and generated.


    • Manual/automatic/programmable mode: Manual mode adjusts impulse voltage manually by adjusting knob; Automatic mode adjusts impulse voltage automatically by the system; Programmable mode uses computer to control impulse voltage automatically.
    • Automatic mode and programmable mode have automatic constant voltage system, which can control impulse output voltage more precisely and is not affected by interval time.
    • Programmable control function provides 485 communication interface and program control protocol. Programmable test system can be set up according to need. Impulse voltage and various parameters (programmable trigger) can be controlled by computer or programmable network.
    • Through computer program control software, batch combination testing can be realized, such as 2KV3 times, 4KV3 times, 6KV3 times, -2KV3 times, -4KV3 times, -6KV3 times, etc. The maximum 50 groups of combination testing can be realized, and the test results such as breakdown times and breakdown voltage can be fed back to the computer. The computer can display the feedback results graphically to make the judgment more intuitive.
    • The test report can be printed and generated by computer, and the test data such as peak value, number of impulse and interval time can be displayed.
    • The function of automatic judgment of test results can automatically judge whether the test is qualified or not according to the magnitude and attenuation degree of impulse current generated during the test.
    • Provides a impulse divider interface for the oscilloscope to track the output voltage waveform and monitor the output voltage.
    • 128*64 LCD display, showing DC voltage, impulse voltage, interval time, and number of impulse.
    • Touch buttons, PC control, English panel and program menu are available.
    • Positive and negative polarity is designed by the dual system of positive high voltage source and negative high voltage source. The output is more stable, the voltage is higher and the efficiency is higher.  Original full-scale calibration process, the full range accuracy is better.
    • Built-in multiple parameter standard calibration procedures, the error can be corrected at any time.
    • DC and impulse dual output.


    Output impulse peak voltage

    20kV (4kV-20kV), accuracy: ±3%;

    Direct setting of impulse voltage range in automatic mode and programmable mode


    Step Voltage: 1V

    Impulse voltage waveform

    wave front time 1.2μs±30%; wave half-peak time 50μs±20%;

    Breakdown judgment

    leakage current: 30mA-1200mA can be set;

    Voltage attenuation

    0-99% can be set;

    Interval time


    Number of impulse

    1-9999/infinite continuous impulse


    Positive/Negative/Positive and Negative alternately set




    about 12 kg

    Optional Extension System Support

    WinXP Win7

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