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    GDZB-60 Smart Automatic Cable Burner hits:

    General Information

    GDZB-60 Cable Burner is mainly used in 10kV and above high voltage cable, for burning through defective insulation point and high resistance leakage fault point, greatly reduced the resistance of fault point, to achieve the fault test condition (Applying high voltage pulse can be fully discharge). At the same time, it can also be used as DC high voltage power supply, to make DC Hipot test for cable, capacitor, motor, porcelain bottle etc..


    1. Using high voltage power electronic technology, burn current increase greatly, to burn down the insulation defect and the high resistance leak fault point of cable in a short time, and realize the automatic shutdown of burn through.
    2. Using high precision digital measurement and control technology, real-time acquisition, display high voltage value and the current value.
    3. The limit of maximum voltage, maximum current and maximum power are achieved, with high temperature automatic alarm and multiple safety protection function.
    4. Color LCD screen, clearly display real-time variation curve of voltage and current in burning process, true reflection of the entire burn process.
    5. Realize the man-machine conversation, real reflection of the current working state of burning.
    6. High output voltage and power, compact structure, easy to carry.
    7. DC Hipot Test for high voltage electrical equipment at 10kV and below.


    • Max.output voltage: 60kV (Maximum value)
    • Max. Output current: 600mA (Maximum value)
    • Continuous power: 1000W
    • Voltage error: <±2%
    • Working voltage: AC220V± 10%, 50Hz
    • Working temperature: -10℃--50℃
    • Working humidity: ≤ 90% (relative)
    • Weight: 25kg

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