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    GD-2137H Cable Fault Test System hits:

    Main parts:

    • GD-2133M Cable fault tester (hereinafter referred to ad host machine)
    • GD-2132T Cable path detector (hereinafter referred as to signal generator)
    • GD-2131H Integrated DC HV generator

    Fault distance measurement:

    • LV impulse method: to measure distance of low impedance fault (LIF), short circuit and line breakage accurately.
    • Impulse current method: to measure distance of high impedance fault (HIF) and flash-over. Signals are collected from ground cable via current coupler, which is separated from HV part, safe and reliable.

    General Information

    Technical index (M refers to host machine, T refers to signal generator, M&T refers to common features)

    Distance measurement function (M):

    Measuring modes

    Low voltage impulse, impulse current

    Sampling frequency



    Low voltage impulse mode 1m; impulse current mode 4m

    Transmitting voltage under low voltage impulse mode


    Measuring range


    Non-detection zone


    Acoustic-magnetic synchronous point location function (M):

    Acoustical signal transmission bands

    Center frequency 400Hz, bandwidth 200Hz

    Signal gain


    Point location


    Cable path detection function (M)

    Received frequency


    Signal gain


    Cable path detection signal generator (T)

    Transmitting frequency


    Transmitting power



    Output characteristics


    Open circuit voltage: 100Vp-p; short circuit voltage300mA; full automatic matching as per actual load; automatic short circuit protection


    Power supply

    Battery (M&T): built-in Li-ion batter series, rated voltage 7.4V, capacity 3000mAh

    Power consumption: host machine (M) 400mA, continuous service time >6 hours; signal generator (T) 500mA, continuous service time >5 hours;

    Charger (M&T): input AC220V±10%, 50Hz; rated output 8.4V, DC 1A;

    Charge time (M&T): <4 hours

    Display mode 

    host machine (M) 320*240 LCD; signal generator (T): gauge outfit.

    Size (M&T)



    Host machine (M) 1.5kg; signal generator (T) 1.5kg

    Working condition (M&T)

    Temperature: -10~40, humidity 5~90%RH, altitude <4500m.

    GD-2131H Integrated DC HV Generator

    GD-2131H Integrated DC HV Generator serves as the auxiliary HV source when surge flash-over method is used to detect HV impedance fault.



    • Strong burn-out ability, Max. burn-out power is 1000W. Breakdown point is burnt out in short time to reduce resistance.
    • Combined with GD-2133M cable fault comprehensive tester, it will have location method as below: LV impulse method: GD-2133M alone can locate ground faults of open circuit and low impedance, measure cable length and check wave speed on the cable; HV flash-over method: impulse voltage waveform at faulty point discharge is sampled via spark gap to locate faulty point distance.
    • Impulse of a fixed frequency is generated, combined with GD-2132T signal generator for cable route tracing, it has function as below: Audio method is used to pinpoint general high impedance and flash-over point; Trace the route of cable and identify a certain cable; It can also be used in DC hipot test.


    Power supply

    AC 220V, 50Hz

    Output voltage

    DC 0~32kV adjustable

    Rated power


    Max. energy

    2048J, 4uF

    DC flash-over voltage


    DC flash-over current


    Max. Impulse current


    Discharge method

    DC high voltage, single shot, periodic

    Periodic discharge frequency

    3-6 seconds

    Use conditions

    0~40, <75%RH, <1000m

    Insulation class

    Class A

    Size & weight

    430*540*410mm, 31kg 

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