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    GDRW-2690B Water-cooled Generator Insulation Tester hits:


    It is specially used to measuring water-cooled generator, also to make insulation test on laboratory or on-site. The output current is more than 40mA while the output voltage is max. 5000V.


    • Microcomputer controlled, LCD screen, LV shield measurement.
    • Automatic measuring R15, R60, R600 and automatically calculating absorption ratio and polarization index.
    • Test voltage is negative HV 5000V, with strong loading ability. When the resistance(water resistance) between winding and water collecting pipe is lower than 100kΩ, test voltage drop <10%.
    • Measuring range 0-20GΩ, automatic switching ranges.
    • Automatic compensation and eliminate the test result influence caused by water polarization potential. Even the resistance between water collecting pipe and engine base is lower at 3kΩ, the measurement accuracy can be ensured.
    • Digital display the data change and results.
    • Display test time and the buzzer will sound every 15s automatically.
    • Discharge HV automatically after measurement. Discharge time is no more than 5s.
    • Automatic measuring environmental temperature, air humidity and date/time of every test.
    • Save up to 60groups of measurement results.
    • With RS232 port, easy to communicate with PC.
    • With printer.


    Rated test voltage

    Negative high voltage 5000V

    Output test voltage


    Load ability of high voltage

    Load 100kΩ, voltage drop<10%

    Measurement range



    Class 10.0

    Basic error of 0-10GΩ

    ± ( 10%·Rx + 2d )

    Basic error of 10-20GΩ

    ± ( 20%·Rx + 4d )

    Display error of high voltage

    ± ( 5%·Ux + 1d )

    Measurement error of temperature

    ± 0.5ºC

    Measurement error of air humidity

    ± 4%RH

    Power supply

    220V±10%, 50Hz

    Power consumption


    Insulation resistance

    >50MΩ(500V) (between test cable and shell)

    Withstand voltage

    AC 3kV, 50Hz,1min (between test cable and shell)




    About 10kg.

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