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    GD3127 High Voltage Insulation Resistance Tester hits:

    General Information


    GD3127 Insulation Resistance Tester is widely used in maintenance of electrical equipment in transformer substation, power plant, etc. It is suitable for carrying out measurement of insulation resistance(IR), polarization index(PI), absorption ratio (DAR), ramp(RAMP), filter(FR, 10s, 20s, 30s, 40s 4 choices), voltage(V), current(nA) of all kinds of high voltage equipment, including switchgear, transformers, reactors, capacitors, motors, generators and cables, etc.

    GD3127 is the perfect test tool for early identification and discovery of preventive or predictive maintenance plans for potential equipment failures. It is of great significance to ensure product quality and the safety of people and equipment in operation. The insulation performance of electrical products is one of the important signs to evaluate the insulation quality, which is reflected by the insulation resistance test.  




    • Insulation resistance measurement range up to 5.0kV(2TΩ).
    • 5 voltage output steps of 250V500V1KV2.5KV5KV.
    • Max. short current >5mA.
    • Insulation resistance(IR), polarization index(PI), absorption ratio(DAR).
    • Ramp(RAMP), filter(FR), voltage(V).
    • Automatically monitor the live voltage of the measured object, and automatically prohibit the test if the voltage exceeds 36V, which effectively protects the instrument and the operator.
    • Timing function, automatic record the test time.
    • Automatically discharge high voltage after measurement is completed, the discharge time is no more than 30 seconds.
    • Automatic power off function.
    • Large LCD screen dot matrix display with stable performance.
    • Double-layer shell structure, sturdy and durable, protection grade IP65.
    • Large capacity rechargeable lithium battery pack.
    • Storage function, can automatically store 1000 sets of real-time test data with test date and time and test timing.
    • Upload function, equipped with USB interface, record data can be uploaded to computer for statistical analysis of data.






    Insulation resistance(IR), polarization index(PI), absorption ratio (DAR), ramp(RAMP), filter(FR, 10s, 20s, 30s, 40s 4 choices), voltage(V), current(nA)

    Power supply

    Rechargeable lithium battery 5.2Ah

    Rated voltage

    250V, 500V, 1kV, 2.5kV, 5kV

    Output voltage accuracy

    (5%-10%) ±10V

    Insulation resistance measuring range


    Short circuit current


    Polarization index(PI)


    Absorption ratio (DAR)


    Ramp(RAMP) test mode

    Test in steps of 10% of the preset voltage until the preset voltage

    Filter test mode

    Four choices of 10S, 20S, 30S, 40S

    Voltage test

    Range: AC/DC 0V-1000V, accuracy:±5%rdg±3V

    Current test

    Range: 0.01nA-7mA, accuracy:±5%rdg±0.5nA

    Voltage monitor

    Monitor the voltage of the tested object, monitor the discharge state after the test, and prohibit the test when the voltage is greater than 36V, protect the instrument and the operator

    Test timer

    Automatically record test time, timing range: 0s9999s


    Automatic storage of test data with date and time, a total of 1000 groups


    Upload the stored test data to the computer through the USB communication line.


    There is a battery level display, reminding to charge in time when the battery voltage is low

    Auto power off function

    Auto power off after 15 minutes

    Protection class


    Insulation resistance

    50MΩ(1000V) (between test circuit and shell)

    Withstand voltage

    AC 3kV 50Hz 1min (between test circuit and shell)


    IEC61010-1, IEC61326-1

    Working temperature and humidity

    - 20℃ ~ + 50℃   < 80%RH

    Storage temperature and humidity

    - 25℃ ~ + 65℃  < 80%RH

    Power Supply

    220V AC 50Hz

    Dimension (mm)

    280 (L)*260(W)*160(H)


    4400g(include battery)

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