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    GDYD-A Automatic AC/DC Hipot Test Set hits:

    Product Description

    GDYD-A Series AC/DC Hipot Test Set is automatic withstand voltage test devices with advanced performance. It is used to carry out dielectric strength test under rated voltage for all kinds of electrical equipment, components and insulation materials. It checks dangerous flaws which assures electrical equipment continuous working.


    • 7-inch color LCD screen, with PLC automation control.
    • Voltage, LV voltage, LC current measured at the same time, with high precision sensor and high performance collection chip.
    • Automatic mode and manual mode for option.
    • Display HV voltage, LV voltage, LV current, time and withstanding result.
    • Over-voltage and over-current protection. Output voltage, HV current upper limit, LV current upper limit and timing can be set.
    • Zero-starting function. Test can be proceed after the voltage is back to zero.
    • Store up to 8000 pcs data in 3 months. It has USB port to upload data to USB disk.
    • When setting voltage is arrived, it will timing automatically. After timing, voltage will be back to zero.
    • When the LV current is over setting value, the voltage will be cut off automatically and it will be back to zero. When the HV current is over setting value, the test object will be cut off and test can be proceed continuously.
    • With anti-interference ability, suitable for electromagnetic environment.
    • With wheels for both control unit and HV unit, easy to move.


    • Input voltage: AC 220V or 380V
    • Output voltage of control unit: AC 0-250V or 0-430V
    • Output current of control unit:0-5/10/15/50A(customized)
    • Output power(Capacity): 0-3/5/10/15/20kVA(customized)
    • Output voltage of HV unit: 0-50/100/150/200kV(customized)
    • Output current of HV unit: 0-50/100/150/200/500/1000/2000mA(customized)
    • Timing: 0-9999s
    • Environmental temperature: -20℃--50℃
    • Voltage accuracy: ≤ 1.5%±1digit(F.S)
    • Current accuracy: ≤ 1.5%±1digit(F.S)

    Other accessories for option

    • AC/DC Digital Voltage Meter: 50,100,150,200kV
    • Sphere Gap
    • DC micro-ammeter
    • Discharge stick
    • Water resistor
    • HV filter capacitor: 0.01μF-0.1μF, 40-300kV
    • Trolley
    • Insulating support: 50,100,200,300kV
    • Standard Oil cup: 400ml
    • HV electroscope: 10, 35kV

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