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    If you are unsure of what parts you need, the HV Hipot Electric CO., LTD P roduction D epartment  and After-sales D epartment are here to help. Our product specialists will assist you in determining the correct parts that you need. We will help you every step of the way—from inquiry to delivery.

    1. Taking AC/DC Hipot Test Set for example:

    Optional accessories
    Discharge Rod Protective Resistor Silicon Rectifier Sphere Gap
    HV Filter Capacitor Microammeter Oil Cup Sphere Gap

    2. Taking CT/PT Calibrator for example:

    Optional accessories





    Inductive divider

    Standard CT

    Self-boosting standard transformer

    Standard CT with current injector





    CT load case

    Standard PT

    Control unit with double voltage regulator

    PT load case


    You can also contact us via email with your request including model, serial number and any other information that you have available. This will assist in expediting your request. We will address any needs and answer any questions that you may have as well as provide you with a free quote. We strive to answer emails within one business day. If you prefer to speak with someone, please call +86-27-85568138 .


    If you are experiencing any trouble with your equipment, give us a call and after a short discussion, we can determine if someone should come onsite to your facility for further evaluation and repair or if the equipment should be sent to our factory.


    HV Hipot Electric CO., Ltd provide s extensive onsite services to keep your high voltage test equipment functioning properly, enabling you to keep your company producing. Our team of After-sales Service Engineers are specialists in the field of high voltage testing, and are available to you both Domestically and Internationally, year round. While onsite, we can also check the overall functionality of the system and evaluate any issues that may be present.


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