For most high voltage test and measurement equipment, annual calibrations or performance checks are recommended to ensure proper operation and accuracy.

    The Calibration can be made by the third verification agencies which have cooperated with us for many years, such as National Center for High Voltage Measurement, Hubei Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology for electrical parameters & HV measuring systems for: impulse voltages, AC voltages, and DC voltages. All tests and calibrations are done according to EN17025 standards.  


    Hubei Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology





    High Voltage AC/DC Digital Meter was calibrated by Hubei Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology


    GDJF-2008 Calibration Certificate






    Impulse voltage dividerCalibration Certificate







    GDYL-10 Kv /100PF Calibration Certificate







    If you want to get more information about the third party calibration, please contact our Customer Manager directly.

    We provide customers with ex-factory reports and certificates for all products according to a variety of national and international standards .







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